The Top 5 Green Ink Pens

A couple of months ago, I wrote about teachers and students using green ink as part of a feedback system that focuses on improving work, instead of just highlighting mistakes.

That made me a little curious about green ink pens since I didn’t really have much experience with them. The few I’d used were pretty unimpressive, mostly because the ink was so pallid. So I decided to take a run through a bunch of green pens to find the ones that worked the best.

The Pen Warrior sent me a package full of disposables from most of the major brands such as Pilot, Pentel, Uniball, Bic, Paper Mate, Staedtler, and Stabilo. There were 18 altogether, in a variety of hues. Most were stick pens.

The purpose was to find a green ink pen (or pens) that was comfortable to hold for long writing sessions, moved across the page easily and without resistance, was neither too light nor too dark and wrote small enough that it could be used to make margin notes on student papers. On a side note did you know that green ink is favored by spies and eccentrics.

The Top 5 Green Ink Pens

Several were eliminated based on ink color alone – offering shades of green simply too light to stand out on school papers that would also be marked in black, red, and possibly blue. Others were decidedly uncomfortable to hold, or felt scratchy on paper, or had ink flow problems. One broad tip was borderline too big.

But there were several stand-outs among the green ink pens, here are my top 5 and I’ll count them down for you.

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5. Uniball Signo Gel Pen 0.7mm

Uni Ball UM 120 Green

5. Uniball Signo Gel .07 mm – Ink was a serviceable shade of green, and it wrote cleanly with little effort. One of the smoothest pens I tried. The barrel was too narrow and hard for me but might fit well in smaller hands.

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4. Pilot Precise V5 RT Liquid Ink Rollerball Pen

Pilot Precise V5 RT Green Liquid Ink Rollerball Pen

4. Pilot Precise V5 RT – Offered the liveliest color out of all the pens. The round, smooth barrel was a pleasure to hold, and it practically floated across the page. Wrote wet, with some bleed-through. The tip may have been a little big for correction purposes.

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3. Pilot G2 07 mm Gel Ink Pen

Pilot G207 Gel Pen Green

3. Pilot G2 .07 mm – What you would expect from the G2: solid middle-of-the-road color and writing experience. Very comfortable because of the rubber grip. Ink flow stuttered a few times, per usual with G2.

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2. Pentel EnerGel Liquid Gel Ink Pen 0.7 mm

Pentel XM Gel Pen Green

2. Pentel EnerGel .07 mm – One of my all-time favorite pens, and it delivered yet again. Great color saturation, silky smooth writing, and comfortable, if plain, barrel. Don’t think it’s possible to go wrong with the EnerGel.

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1. Stabilo Worker 0.5mm Rollerball Pen

Stabilo Worker Green

1. Stabilo Worker .05 mm – This one was a big surprise. I’ve never written with the Worker before, and I was stunned at the comfort of the rubber flared barrel, the ease of writing (even with a fine tip), and the vibrant green ink. Hands down better than any other green pen I tried. They’re supposedly designed for working professionals, but I’d heartily recommend them for students, as well as their teachers.

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(I’ll be hitting the Pen Warrior up for some more of these in different colors. And if they come in retractable, I’ll probably squeel like a fangirl.)

So there you are, a selection of green ink pens to get you through the school year, through a coloring book, through an evening of intense journaling. You may also be interested in the 5 pens I think everyone should own. 

Now if you have any favorite green pens that I didn’t try, let me know so I can give one a test drive.

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