5 Popular Markers All Under £3

Here is a list of 5 popular markers all are priced under £3 that we think is excellent value for a good quality branded product.

Pentel N60 Permanent Marker

Pentel N60 A

One of the most popular in the UK this permanent marker has a durable aluminium barrel. The chisel tip writes a variable 2.5 or 7mm line on many different surfaces including glass, plastic, cardboard, metal & wood. Its available with a choice of red, green, black or blue ink.

Copic Ciao Individual Markers

Copic Ciao 100 Black

This is a dual tipped artist marker with medium chisel & brush tips. They contain odourless alcohol based ink which is non toxic & quick drying, they are available in 180 colours.

Artline Garden Marker

Artline Garden Marker Black
These markers have a 0.8mm bullet tip & don’t have to be confined to the garden as they can also be used on metal, plastic, wood & glass. The Xylene free ink is quick to dry & fade resistant.

Pentel NM10 Fabric Marker

Pentel NM10 A
These are handy to have around for labelling clothes & can be used on natural absorbent fabric.
This marker has a 2.0mm bullet tip & the black ink is fade resistant & doesn’t wash out. They are free from Xylene & toluene, are environmentally friendly & have a ventilated safety cap.

Uni Posca PC-5M Marker

Uni Posca PC 5M Light Blue
These paint markers have a bullet tip that writes a 2.5mm line. Available in a choice of 33 vivid colours & widely used by artists. They can be used on a variety of surfaces including fabric, metal, glass, wood, paper & stone. The non-permanent pigment ink is opaque & water based & can therefore be removed.

We hope you found our selection useful, if there is anything you would like to see in future posts we would love to have your comments.


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