5 Random Ink Facts

Ink has been around for centuries, it’s one of those everyday things we don’t take much notice of. Here are 5 facts about ink that surprised me, hope you find them interesting.

5 random Ink Facts

1. Soy Ink might not be is not as green as we think
Initially developed in the 70’s by the newspaper industry as an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional ink, it’s often claimed that soy ink is easier to remove from paper. Some studies suggest however that it’s difficult to treat in the recycling process due to increased oxidation that develops once vegetable oils age & dry.

2. Ink goes all the way back to the Bronze Age
We know that ink goes way back in time but the question of who invented it depends upon what you read & who you believe. According to historian BN Goswamy the use of ink dates back to the Bronze Age & many say that black ink was invented in 2697 BC by philosopher Tien-Lcheu.

3. Even permanent ink can be removed
Our medieval ancestors sourced things like hawthorn & soot, iron salts & tannic acids were also used to produce Iron Gall ink, said to be the most important ink in Western history. The latter was apparently used by Leonardo da Vinci & Bach to create & compose their masterpieces. Today a variety of complex combinations can be used to produce pens, markers & bottled ink. Although we often want something permanent & long-lasting in order for important documents to stand the test of time we occasionally need to remove it. Using a lanolin-based cream like Amodex should do the trick, it’s eco-friendly & non-toxic.

4. Squid Ink can be used to Treat Cancer
Squid ink has been used in restaurants for ages, often found in pasta & rissoto dishes, but did you know that it’s now considered to be a health food & can shrink tumours? Researchers have discovered that squid ink can boost immunity due to its antioxident properties, protect white blood cell production & help fight cancer and tumor cells by stopping new blood vessels growing in them.

5. Ink can’t kill you
In the unlikely event that you should you choose to swap your morning coffee for ink then it can be harmful, the worst that can happen mind you is you may get headaches or skin irritation which is likely to be due to solvents or pigments in the ink.

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