A Dracula Pen Coming From ACME Studios?

We’ve been looking for an excuse to mention ACME Studios – one of our favorite fantastical pen designers – and recently found one on the HorrorTalk.com site, of all places.

If you aren’t familiar, the Hawaii-based ACME designs some of the coolest pop culture pens ever, from the desk pen that looks like a ray gun to the Blue Man Group-inspired limited edition rollerball. We dare you to go their site and browse the pens without salivating at least a little.

Acme Ray Gun Pen

So what got us excited this time? A Dracula fountain pen (or rollerball) that comes in its own little coffin case!

Dracula Pen Main

As far as we can tell, the pen is not on the ACME site yet – come on, ACME, get a better site design and a ‘search’ function, please – but from the glimpse we got on HorrorTalk, it has a black-and-blood colored barrel and what looks like a toothy clip.

According to HorrorTalk, the pen will have a limited run of 999 and will sell for US$500. It comes with the coffin case, and the coffin plays Fugue in D Minor by Bach when opened. It’s supposed to be released right around now, so we’ll be keeping an eye out.

Dracula Pen in Coffin

Meanwhile, we’ll keep lusting for the rest of the pens in the ACME collection.

They’re kind of pricey, so we’ve never actually tried one. If any of our faithful readers have, please share all the juicy details with us.

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