Artline 70 & 90 Permanent Markers 50th Anniversary

As well as being top sellers in more than 80 countries worldwide Artline 70 & 90 Permanent Markers have recently celebrated the 50th anniversary. Having continually improved their high-quality standards since 1964 they have obtained ISO 9001 accreditation along the way, success is being marked on the Artline web site & includes free access to a World Clock Screensaver & a fun Colour Response Test.

Artline 70 Anniversary


These markers are designed for use on a wide variety of surfaces including glass, card, plastic, rubber, china & metal. They are available in the following colors

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange

Artline 70 Marker Black

The Artline 70 Bullet Tip Marker has a durable acrylic fiber tip that writes a 1.5mm line whilst the Artline 90 Chisel Tip Marker has the same acrylic tip but writes a wider 2.0 to 5mm line.

Artline 90 Marker Black

Both have these Benefits

  • Heavy-duty crush-resistant metal barrels
  • Tight-fitting airtight caps
  • Xylene free dyestuff ink
  • Refillable with ESK ink
  • Waterproof

The World clock Screensaver represents 4 beautiful Japanese seasons, downloads are available for both Windows & Mac users.

The Artline Colour Response Test brings a new meaning to the saying listen to your heart. When you choose 3 colors depending on your mood you will get a diagnosis of your state of mind on that day.

If you fancy trying something else Artline makes T-Shirt Markers that are easy to use check out the Artline T-Shirt marker tutorial.


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