Artline T-Shirt Marker 2.0 mm – User Guide

Looking for something to do with the kids on a miserable wet day? What about designing a T-Shirt.

If you reach out and grab an Artline T-Shirt Marker, you could while away a couple of hours. They have 2mm polyester fiber bullet tips tightly covered with a handy airtight cap that can be posted on the end of the barrel when in use.  As you would expect the pigment ink is waterproof & can be washed at 60 degrees C (as long as the ink has been fixed), it’s also fadeproof.

Artline T Shirt Markers

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How to use a Shirt Marker – Quick Guide

  • Get yourself a plain white T-Shirt
  • Tape a design to a piece of card – make sure it is dark enough to see through the fabric.
  • Position the card in the T-Shirt.
  • Fold the sleeves & sides around the card & secure it with tape. Turn over, making sure there are no wrinkles.
  • Trace around the outline of your design.
  • Fill in the design, taking care to fill in all-white spaces.
  • When you are happy with your artwork to remove the card. Once dry, fix the color by gently ironing, taking care not to get the ink on your iron or other parts of the T-Shirt.

Artline T-Shirt Marker Tutorial

Fabric Markers Being Used to Create a Design on a Canvas Bag.


Of course, you don’t just have to stick to T-Shirts. These markers can also be used to personalize various cotton fabrics like jeans or sweatshirts.

Alternatively, it seems some creatively minded souls use these markers for a touch of decoupaging. Put simply, it is the art of decorating by pasting cut-outs to objects covered with paint or ink (markers) & often finished with varnish.

I’ve seen some impressive examples, from tables to a chest of drawers, even a pair of shoes!

These Artline markers are available in a wide range of single colors and dual tips. You can choose to buy individually, in packs of 4 or 12.

 6 Easy Steps to Marking a T-Shirt

Artline T Shirt Guide 1

Artline T Shirt Guide 2

Artline T Shirt Guide 3

Artline T Shirt Guide 4

Artline T Shirt Guide 5

Artline T Shirt Guide 6

Artline is renowned for making high-quality markers their highly popular Artline 70 & 90 permanent markers recently celebrated their 50th birthday. If you are creative, why not try the Artline Calligraphy Markers and impress your friends.

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