Berol Hand Hugger Writing Pen Review

Apparently Michelle Obama partook in a spot of hand hugging in a recent appearance on NBC’s The Tonight Show. I have to admit it’s wasn’t something I was familiar with on the greeting front, until that is I realised it was similar to a high five.

Berol Hand Huggers Writing Pen Blue

Berol on the other hand seem to know all about hand hugging, the company are proud to have been helping children improve their writing skills for over 40 years & the Berol Hand Huggers Writing Pen has been proved a popular choice with teachers in various surveys.

The Hand Huggers range has been designed especially for young children. Berol believe that little hands find it more comfortable to hold a triangular barrel. Hand Huggers were created to help children with their writing by making pens & pencils easier to control & produce letters that are clear & legible. The special hard wearing plastic tip writes a 0.7mm line & is available with black or blue washable ink. This range is also said to be helpful to those with special needs or learning difficulties.

The trademark red barrel of Hand Huggers Writing Pens is split into sections, at the tip end my fingers rested naturally at the end of the triangular segment, although there is not a defined grip section, should little fingers drift I’d imagine the would come to rest at the next ledge.

These chunky pens have a ventilated cap that clicks on well. My writing experience however was not so favourable because on the contrary to producing clear legible text I found the Hand Hugger helped me scribble. I realise this conclusion may be a little unfair but I didn’t have a little person available to help with the review.

There are some people who believe that starting children off with a fountain pen at an early age can improve their handwriting and self-belief.


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