Bic for Her Amber Ballpoint Pen Review

I’ve never imagined a pen to be anything other than unisex. Well, the powers that be at Bic seem to think otherwise as the Bic for Her Amber ballpoint is marketed especially for women. Something a little hard to get my head around from a company with a culture statement “for everyone everywhere”

Bic for Her Amber BP Black

Many of us have heard of the saying pink for a girl & blue for a boy, I guess it does usually follow that anything pink is going to be most appealing to the fairer sex, generally speaking, that is.

Anyway, what about the pen? Take a close look and it does have a feminine air about it. It can be broken down into 4 parts. The nose is a polished silver colour with a subtle pattern embossed where it joins the barrel, albeit difficult to identify! Next is the grip, a comfy rubberised area with a raised scroll-like pattern. This section meets a semi-translucent pearlised area which continues the scroll theme & incorporates Bic for her text. Finally the housing for the end cap is silver pearlised plastic, the retractable button stands out like a pink crystal, it’s also home to the sturdy pocket clip.

The Bic for Her I’m using has black ink, well more of a charcoal grey to my eye, nevertheless it is a smooth writer & the medium 1.0 tip suits me. It is also available in blue.

Whatever the reasons behind the thinking of a lady pen, the obvious controversy & not forgetting some of the comical Amazon reviews, this ballpoint does what is expected of it & is reasonably priced. It’s not just the Bic for Her pens that have been the butt of the jokes written by the wags. Check out The 10 Funniest Bic Crystal Pen Reviews.

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