Bic for Her Pearl Gel Pen Review

I’ve heard of making a fashion statement with say a mobile phone but can the same be said for a pen? OK maybe one of the high end brands, but what about a Bic!

Bic for Her Pearl GelP Black

There has been a lot said about the merits of marketing a pen for women. Far be it from me to throw an opinion into the mix so I’ll just get on with the review.

A Gel pen with a medium 1.0mm tip, the Bic for Her Pearl is a little broader than the her sister Amber. She has the same polished silver coloured nose connecting to a pearly rubberised grip section, making up around 50% of the barrel. Next is a semi transparent lilac coloured section which is separated by two panels of a white filigree effect pattern. The addition of a couple of crystal effect embellishments placed between the grip & lilac section didn’t do it for me, the retractable button would have sufficed IMO.

This pen has a medium 1.0mm tip & is available in a choice of black or blue ink. It produced a smooth line that appeared finer than some other 1.0mm tips & was comfortable to use, although it did smudge. The plastic clip looked flimsy but managed to stay firmly in place on my notepad.

Editors update

Bic dropped the Bic for her range of pens after a backlash against the pen, but their marketing department just can’t seem to get it right as Bic Ads take another Misstep with their campaign for national women’s day. To add to their woes the wags have been having a field day over at Amazon with their hilarious Bic Cristal pen reviews.

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