Why Not Brighten Your Day With a Pencil Topper?

Some things just never seem to go out of fashion, take for instance the pencil topper. I remember having these back in the 70’s. Favourites at the time were trolls, they were ugly little creatures with long fuzzy hair that came in a myriad of bright colours.

I didn’t have to look too far to find art & crafters are still suggesting fun ideas to liven up your wooden pencils using pipe cleaners, loom bands, feathers, knitting & crochet, you name it you can pretty much find a tutorial for home made toppers.

Back in the day with our trolls, long before the internet nuisances were even thought of we would happily sit in lessons watching little toys bob around as we scribbled notes. Maybe they’re not allowed in class nowadays but I guess there’s plenty of non curricular time to fill.

Chewy Pencil topper

This trend seems to be one that has stood the test of time & as there are also a wide variety of pencil toppers on sale. I’ve seen monsters, animals & even scented chewy toppers which on a more serious note are said to be a safe alternative for kids with conditions like autism that crave oral motor input as they provide quick access to sensory stimulation.

It’s not just kids that chew their pens & pencils, I’ve seen many a colleague in offices & meetings that swear gnawing pen tops helps with concentration, keeps them focused or in some cases awake!

You may want a vintage Batman or something cute & squishy but I’m off to look for a blast from the past.

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