Chameleon Color Tone Pens Are Now Available in the UK

Chameleon Color Tone Pens are now available in the UK.


These double ended pens have an innovative refillable alcohol based system that enables you to change the colour tone of the ink without the need to use multiple pens.

Chameleon Set Deluxe 22 Pens V1

Chameleon Color Tone Pens consist of a mixing chamber containing the ink & they have two nibs, one is a Japanese brush tip (easy to distinguish as there is a grey band around the cap) that acts more like a paint brush, the other is a bullet tipped marker. A blender & detail pen are also available to help you unleash your creativity whether it’s Manga, fine art, graphics or just doodling.

How to use
The mixing chamber contains a colourless medium with mixing nib, in order to inject some colour just insert pen vertically into the chamber until both nibs touch, either nib can be placed into the chamber, the longer they are fused together the lighter the colour will be. As you start to use the pen the colour will gradually get darker until it is the pure colour is reached.



  • Permanent
  • Produces multiple colour tones all in one pen – no need for multiple markers
  • Acid free & non toxic
  • Tips & ink can be replaced
  • Available in a choice of great colours
  • Chameleon Color Tone Pens can be purchased individually or in multi colour packs
  • Refillable
  • Compatible with other alcohol based pens
  • Create impressive effects likes shading, highlighting & blending all with one pen.



  • Where possible keep away from sunlight & store flat (horizontally) in cool dark place
  • Best blending is achieved by holding the pen upright
  • To check the colour test on the same paper you will be using as not all surfaces will be the same, some being more absorbent than others.
  • If you carry your Color Tone Pens around Chameleon advise that you to place them horizontally for a little while before use.
  • When the colour becomes lighter it may be time to refill the pen

If you are looking for a little inspiration or ideas the Chameleon web site has a wealth of information from how to videos like hopping colour or overlay to troubleshooting.

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