Crafty Easter Ideas – Decorating Eggs

With so many coloring pens & markers to choose from, how about unleashing your creative talents for a spot of crafting over the holidays?

The tradition of decorating eggs dates back centuries & can be a fun pastime whatever the weather.

As any artist knows first you need to decide on your canvas, in this case, it could be

Decorating Easter Eggs

How to Decorate Blown Eggs

  1. Wash them with soap & water
  2.  Rinse & dry
  3.  Carefully make a hole in the bottom of each egg with a long needle or scalpel
  4. Gently insert a wooden skewer through the hole to pierce the yolk
  5.  Make another hole at the top of the egg
  6. Whilst holding over a bowl you need to blow hard through the top hole to empty the egg of its contents
  7. When all that’s left is air rinse & leave the shell to dry

How to Create Paper Mache Eggs

1. First, make your mix by adding flour to water (about 1/3 flour 2/3 water) until you have a thick creamy consistency
2. Using narrow strips of newspaper dipped in the mixture, carefully layer onto a balloon (water balloons make the best egg-like shapes) until well covered.
3. Repeat step 2 with plain paper or tissue
4. Leave until completely dry, this could take a couple of days
5. Pierce the balloon & voila you have a blank canvass ready for decorating

If either of these options seems like too much trouble & you just want to get started you could try using hard-boiled eggs or buying plastic or polystyrene shapes from a craft store.

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When you’re ready to decorate & practice the artwork I find Sharpies & Paint Markers are a good place to start, but there are many other top quality brands to choose from

How to Transfer Images on to an Egg

You can also transfer an image on to your egg using a Chartpak blender pen, the image has to be on laser or photocopier paper simply cut the image out and rub on the back of it.

  1. You will need an image on a laser or photocopier paper.
  2. Place the image on the egg with the image side of the paper on the surface of the egg.
  3. Rub over the back of the image with a Chartpak Blender Marker
  4. Then cover the back of the image with paper and gently rub with your fingers
  5. Give it a few seconds to dry and hey presto the image is now on your egg.

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Take a look at our tutorial on how to transfer images with a blender pen for more details.

Happy Easter

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