CPA Forum Emergency Pen Intervention Required!

OK, pen peeps, this is a call to action.

Turns out we aren’t the only ones who obsess over choosing a writing instrument. There are some accountants. They’re in trouble. And they need our help.

It all started on a forum for people taking the CPA exam. DaveM was experiencing hand cramps and asked for recommendations on the “best pen for note re-writing.”

Pilot Precise V5

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At first, all was well. The Pilot Precise V5 was a contender. So was the Uniball Micro. Even the standard pencil got nominated.

But inexorably, the tide began to turn toward the Pilot G2.

Pilot G207 Gel Pen Black

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Now, we all know the G2 is a fine pen, a classic even. But doing taxes is serious business, people, and that kind of work demands a top-notch pen.

Uni Jetstream SXN 150 Black

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So go, you wielders of the Signo. Make haste, brandishers of the EnerGel. To arms, carriers of the 701.

Pentel Energel XM Pen

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Save the future of accounting by adding your voices to this critical debate. Save these poor CPAs from mediocre pens.

Registration is required, but it will be a small sacrifice in service of a greater good.

If you would like to know more about pen forums then check out post Best Pen Forums where we go into more detail.

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