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Want to give your email messages a little bit of panache? Try typing them in the handwriting of a famous person.

Custom fonts are relatively easy to make and in demand now, so designers are taking advantage of the market by delving into the past to create unique fonts that mimic historical figures.

Available for download: Fonts that look like the writing of everyone from Sigmund Freud to Cezanne.

Albert Einstein Font

The latest is a Kickstarter project to create an Albert Einstein font that was funded nearly three times over with weeks to go before the June 13 deadline.

Harald Geisler, an artist and designer from Germany, is creating the font by hand-tracing samples of Einstein’s writing with a digital pen. He then digitally tweaks the result to make it look more authentic.

Einstein font working copy

Back the project for US$15, and you get to download a font that makes you type like a genius. Or at least, with the handwriting of one.

Geisler previously created the Freud font. On Kickstarter, he says he obtained legal permission from both the proper Einstein and Freud people to use their handwriting.

Sigmund Freud Font 1


He came up with the idea for the Freud font after picturing someone writing a letter to his therapist using that handwriting, according to The Next Web.

Elsewhere online, you can find a Jane Austen font – though the creator makes no claims of complete accuracy – and a set of fonts mimicking important artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Monet, Gaugin and Cezanne, among others. One user on Creative Market has even introduced a Barack Obama font that is a “70%” match. Speaking of Obama did you know that he used 22 pens to write his signature on an official Whitehouse document.

Vincent Van Gogh Font

Don’t want your script to look like someone else’s handwriting? Want to maintain your own personal identity in your message fonts? No problem, that’s doable, too.

Just follow the instructions and you can create a font based on your own handwriting.

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