Handmade Christmas Decoration Ideas

I don’t know about you but even though we are in the thick of the festive season it doesn’t seem to be all that Christmassy. A neighbour is a keen crafter & suggested I might like to follow in her footsteps & try my hand at making some decorations to help me get in the Christmas mood.

Having given this some thought & armed with a few Metallic Marker Pens I came up with a couple of ideas & thought I’d share them with you.

xmas bauble


Christmas Baubles
In my opinion, no tree should be with a few baubles but sometimes the same old colours can become a bit lacklustre, I managed to transform a box of tired-looking recycled baubles with the help of an Edding 753 Calligraphy Paint Marker, a Sharpie Metallic Marker & a few festive templates.

Time is limited now but now that my festive spirit has been ignited its clear that there are so many more things that I could do. One idea is making a display of a vase of carefully decorated baubles, that would make a nice change from a few oranges in a fruit bowl.

xmas crackers

Personalised Crackers
Each year we choose a colour theme for the tree decorations & festive table. Making your own crackers will allow you to match them with the chosen theme as well as adding a personalised gift inside for your guests, beats the plastic puzzle or sewing kit that seem to jump from the ones I get to pull anyway.

Get prepared with

  • Paper of your choice. If you really want to go to town you could decorate plain paper with stencils & markers or paint. Alternatively, use Christmas paper & maybe just use a label with each guests name on it.
  • Cardboard tube
  • Ribbon or string
  • Gift
  • Tape

Step by step guide

1. Decorate the paper or make labels
2. Cut your paper long enough to go around the card tube & 3 times as long.
3. Hold in place by securing the middle with tape.
4. Scrunch one end & tie with the ribbon or string
5. Insert gift
6. Scrunch & tie the other end

Creative pursuits are always rewarding, they pass time & can be a way of saving money, Christmas is the ideal time to get to work making cards, gift wrap, decorating candles, with a little imagination the list goes on. For the more ambitious crafters or those of you with a little more time on their hands, there are many more great ideas on the edding web site.


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