How to Improve Your Handwriting – 5 More Tips

Has anyone ever said your handwriting reminds them of that of a doctor’s? Me too, here are 5 more easy tips on how to improve your handwriting and make it look less like you are training to be a doctor.

Improve Handwriting 5 Tips

1. Slow Down – It seems that many people write at speed in an attempt to finish the task as fast as they can. By concentrating on the letters as you write you can also learn to control your arm & wrist to make your writing flow freely.

2. Check your grip – How you hold a pen or pencil is a personal choice, I have seen people hold pens & pencils in a variety of weird & wonderful ways & they get by. However, the general consensus seems to be that your pen should be resting between your index, middle finger & thumb. The index acts as a guide with the middle finger & thumb steadying the pen. The more you grip the pen the more likely you will get cramps or even blisters, the hand should be as relaxed as possible.


3. Practice – By writing rows of letters with identical spaces between them & in a larger text than you would normally use you can start to feel more control over the movement of your arm & wrist. As you feel more comfortable you can start to reduce the size. You could try writing lines of “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” as this sentence uses every letter of the alphabet. As the old saying goes practice makes perfect!

4. Write don’t type – Replace the keyboard with a pen & paper. Wherever possible take time out to handwrite notes & letters rather than just firing off an email. OK, it may be old fashioned but I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like to receive a letter in the post, it’s more personal somehow.

5. Posture – Sitting in an upright position can help avoid headaches, back & neck strain. I’ve seen young students almost lying on the desk slouching with their noses touching the paper so it was no surprise to hear they found it difficult to concentrate & didn’t enjoy the task. Ideally, both feet should be on the floor, for right-handed writers the body should be slightly turned to the left, lefties should position themselves to the right.

Well enough of the theory, I’m off to practice!

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