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• OK, it seems like this would be common sense, but if you’re in jail awaiting trial on serious charges, then it probably isn’t a good idea to swipe your own lawyer’s ink pen.

The Times-News in Idaho reported that a 20-year-old man was being held on a rape charge when deputies decided to search his jail cell. They found a plastic hair brush that had been fashioned into a weapon, and an ink pen, which the inmate apparently was not supposed to have.

Inappropriate Use of Pens

Francisco M. Perreira told deputies that he stole the pen from his public defender, according to the newspaper.

Probably should have just stuck with Crayons.

• Pills and pens clearly don’t mix for some people.

Michael Anderson, a 19-year-old man in North Carolina, is accused of killing his roommate, then defiling the body by, among other things, writing on it with an ink pen.

Deputies won’t go into detail about the words.

When he called 911 to report his deed, the young man told emergency dispatchers that he’d taken too many pills and they made him “go mad,” according to TV station WFMY.

There were no details on what kind of pen.

• Pens can be used for all sorts of good at a church: writing letters to lonely parishioners, filling out cheques for the collection plate, gently poking children who fall asleep during the service.

Or, they can be used inappropriately, such as when one homeless man stabbed another in the face with an ink pen at a homeless shelter run by a church in Columbia, Mo.

Darrell Branson, 56, was arguing with another man at the shelter and suddenly lashed out with a pen, poking several holes in the man’s face, according to the Columbia Daily Times.

Fortunately, the stabbed man received only minor injuries and was stitched up at a hospital. No word on how the pen fared.

Gangsters aren’t typically known for being literary, so it probably came as no surprise to London police when they raided a hide-out and found ink pens that produced more lead than ink.

The site reported that the Metropolitan Police searched the homes of two teenage gang members in east London looking for pen guns, tiny pistols disguised as ordinary ink pens. They were tipped off to the guns after finding one last year connected to a gang.

The search turned up two of the ink pen guns. The 16- and 17-year-old boys were also charged with drug possession.
Pen Gun

(Photo is just an example of what a pen gun looks like.)

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