Ink Drops In Water – Beautiful To Watch

We’ve never seen ink look so gorgeous. Just had to share it.


We reached out to Jacob Schwartz, the film director who made the ink-drop video, to ask what kinds of ink he used in this project. He said he doesn’t remember the brand, but that he used calligraphy ink.

In the meantime, if you think that video is beautiful, you also should check out this ink-drop gallery by photographer/artist Bernd Geh. We spoke to him briefly while he was traveling in Europe, and he told us he also used calligraphy ink that he found in a Hobby Lobby store.

The result is stunning. He also made a video of how the ink looked as he was photographing it.


We can already here the gears turning in the minds of some of our most ink-obsessed readers. What kind of colors and combinations would you use to make beautiful works like these?


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