Kids Make Their Own Quill Pens And Ink

We wanted to give a tip o’ the hat to teacher Hilary de Boerr and Class 4a at the Michael Hall school for their recent pen and ink project.

The students used bamboo and goose quills to make ink pens and mashed berries to make ink, which they put into ink pots made of clay. They fashioned their own paper utilizing an old Chinese technique, and then used their pens and ink to write new name tags for their desks.

Quill Pen

“It’s clear we are ready for our new fountain pens!” the school says.

Indeed you are. Nice job of teaching them about writing instruments by tying in a bit of fun history. Hopefully, you’ve made life-long writers out of at least a few of them. Some junior schools actually make all their children use a fountain pen in years 5 and 6 as they believe it brings many benefits including improving their handwriting.


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