Lamy Al-Star Black Limited Edition 2013

The limited edition of the LAMY AL-star black is available as a fountain, ballpoint & a rollerball pen. A chic up to date look, the matt black finish is made from durable aluminum & makes a bold statement.

Lamy Al star Black Ltd Edition


The Lamy Al star has a 2013 limited edition fountain pen with a mix of satin black aluminum & a sultry smokey transparent triangular-shaped grip section. The flexible matt black pocket clip finishes it off well. Available with fine or medium nibs &  refillable with T10 cartridges, or an optional Z24 converter for use with bottled ink.

The Al-star is also available in a Ballpoint with a retractable push-button mechanism. This pen is supplied with a medium nib & black ink, & can be refilled using a Lamy giant M16.

This limited edition is also available as a rollerball which is supplied with medium black ink & can be refilled using Lamy M63 refills.

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