Lamy Logo M Ballpoint Pen Review

The Lamy brand has been around since 1952 & is well known for making stylish pens. The contemporary Logo range includes fountain pens, rollerballs, pencils & ballpoints. Having just come across a Logo M Ballpoint I’ve decided to give it a workout.


Lamy Logo BP M Black v1

The glossy plastic barrel on the Lamy Logo M Ballpoint tapers to a relatively high grip section, said to ensure a firm grip, however it doesn’t sit comfortably in my hand. Initially, I tried moving my fingers closer to the nib to no avail, they kept slipping back & I found myself concentrating more on the pen than my writing. So not a good start.

Moving on to the performance, this ballpoint is available in a choice of black, red, or blue barrel, the former & Logo I’m using have black ink the others come with blue ink. The color was not as dense as expected given the sultry-looking barrel, in fact it appeared to have a greyish hue which was disappointing. It’s hard for me to overcome my difficulty getting to grips (if you’ll excuse the pun) with the ribbed grip section to comment on the writing experience. I can say that the Logo didn’t skip or leave blobs on the page.

When new this ballpoint has a medium tip, but the Logo M can be refilled with any of the M16 range which is available in a variety of tip sizes & colors.

Lamy M16 refills

This review is not all negative, I really like the sprung steel clip which is stylish, sturdy & well integrated into the retractable button. This pen oozes quality & is everything I’d expect from a leading award winning German manufacturer.


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