Little Girls + Sharpie = Trouble

Had to share this for the parents among you.

Apparently, a little girl in California named Gabriella got her hands on a Sharpie and started drawing on her face.

Of course. Because, you know, why not?

Her mother saw it and, this being 2015, decided to start filming while she scolds the girl.

She ends up with Sharpie all over one hand and around one eye – for some reason it made me think of the pooch from Little Rascals – and her mom makes her look at herself in the mirror.

“Is that pretty?” Mom demands.

Gabriella just nods.

She eventually dimes her brother as the one who gave her the Sharpie, but according to local news reports (after the video went viral), it was Dad, even though he denied it on camera.

Mom told Fox Channel 40 that she was able to get the Sharpie off her daughter with Neutrogena oil-free make-up remover.

I blame the crazy things people do with Sharpies.

If this ever happens in your house, here’s a video from another mom who shows how to remove Sharpie from kids with baby oil.


We have done a step by step tutorial about how to remove sharpie from plastic surfaces.

And, if you have a youngster who likes to draw on everything else in the house, here’s some advice from Sharpie on how to remove the stains:

1) Treat stains as soon as possible. Fresh stains can be removed more easily than old ones.
2) Check manufacturer’s labels as to fabric content and any special instructions.
3) Always test stain removal solution first on a hidden part of the article or on swatch of fabric taken from seam allowance to insure no color loss or damage will occur.
4) Where possible, lay stained article face down on paper towels or clean white cloth and apply stain removal solution to underside of stain so that stain can be removed from the surface instead of pushing it through the fabric. Replace towels or cloth as they absorb stain to prevent stain transfer.
5) If enlisting the aid of a professional laundry or dry cleaner, be sure to indicate what the stain is and the type of fabric.
6) Do not iron stained garments or put in dryer as this may set stain.

Sharpie recommends using Amodex ink remover.

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