Makie Kobo Namiki Museum – Opening Soon

Pilot are well known as a leading manufacturer of quality writing instruments, to showcase their Maki-e pens & in preparation for the companies centenary celebrations in 2018 they will be opening a Museum on 15 Jan.

Ryosuku Namiki founded Namiki Manufacturing Co., Ltd. In 1918. The company grew & in collaboration with his friend Masao Wada the pair aspired to make high quality products that would be welcomed worldwide. Two decades on the name was changed to Pilot Pen Co. Ltd although the Namiki name lives on through the large number of Namiki collections that are still revered as the ultimate writing tool.

Namiki Emporer Pen


Maki-e (pronounced mah-KEE-ay) means sprinkled picture & this ancient Japanese technique is a art that takes years of training to master. In very basic terms it’s achieved by layering lacquer & powders, such as gold, pewter & brass. The skilled artists use a variety of brushes & bamboo tubes, to create a large number of collections depicting, birds, animals & trees.

Makie Kobo Namiki Museum

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The Maki-e Nobo Namiki Museum is in Hiratsuka, the home of the factory since the late 1940’s. It will be housed in an ancient red brick building dating back to the Taisho Era, & will give visitors the opportunity to see ornate Maki-e pens from days gone by made by artisans named as national treasures, they will also have the chance to view some of the elegant storage boxes on display. For those lucky enough to be able to visit the museum will be open from Monday to Friday between 10am & 4pm.

Editors Note 2019 Unable to find any details of the museum still being open, if anybody has any information please let us know.

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