Manuscript Italic Calligraphy Pen Set Review

For those of you that may have read any of my reviews, you will know that me & fountain pens just don’t get on. Whilst I just love the look of a handwritten letter or invitation penned with one of these age old innovations, you may as well hand me a quill as ask me to write with one, the result just won’t be legible.

Manuscript Italic Calligraphy Pen Set 1 6mm Nib


Luckily for me I know a man that loves FP’s and he’s agreed to help with this review of the Manuscript Italic Calligraphy Pen Set and has taken it through its paces.

This pen is made by the family owned Manuscript Pen Co Ltd established since 1989 with roots via D.Leonardt & Co going way back to 1856. Today, they remain renowned for their skills making quality calligraphy nibs & pens.

The barrel of this Italic Calligraphy pen is made from ABS plastic & whilst it is strong & the glossy black finish is agreeable by itself, the contrasting matt silver fittings let it down slightly IMO. The company logo is embellished just below the nickel plated clip & I grant you looks fairly stylish.

One of the silver coloured fittings edges the cap by way of a ring when the lid is on & also lends itself to providing a resting place for the fingers whilst writing. My negative comments on the appearance are made up for by the users view of the quality stainless steel nib. This is 1.6mm & apparently is cut like a dip nib that leaves clear accurate lines even on day to day writing. There is also an ergonomic grip & the pen comes with 2 black cartridges as well as a converter should you choose to use bottled ink.

The opinion of my accomplice in this task in is that it is great value for money & would be an ideal starter pen for the beginner.

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