Moleskine At TED 2015

In case you’ve missed it, North America is experiencing nerdvana this week with TED 2015 underway in Vancouver and SXSW going in Austin.

Moleskine has signed on as a sponsor of the TED conference and is inviting fans to take part via Twitter for chances to win Moleskine loot.

(The Technology, Entertainment and Design conference is a gathering in which the top minds in those fields give brief talks – each one 18 minutes or less – about ideas worth spreading).

Moleskine Ted 2015

Using #IdeasNoted, Moleskine is tweeting questions about how people use their notebooks to keep track of ideas. The notebook maker also has a table set up at the conference where attendees can “write, discuss and record their answers through a mixture of handwriting, tweeting, sketchnoting, video and human contact.”

The collected material from notebooks and digital devices at the conference will go into a time capsule to be opened at some point in the future.

Among the questions Moleskine has tweeted so far: How can note-taking be more fun? How can commuting be turned into a creative opportunity? How do you deal with ideas coming to you at an inconvenient time?

Moleskine is picking the best responses to win assorted packages of Moleskine gear. All the answers are being collected on a Moleskine TED 2015 Storify.

You should check ’em out. There are some good ideas, like this one for people who don’t necessarily want to carry a notebook:

Moleskine will be tweeting questions – and giving out prizes for answers – through the end of the conference on March 20.

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