Montblanc Emerald Fountain Pen – Yawn

Nothing like the holiday season for another example of materialistic excess from Montblanc. This time, it’s an emerald-covered fountain pen reportedly selling for about £940,000.

At that price, it would appear to be the new most expensive fountain pen in the world, topping the previous title-holder, the Aurora Diamante released in early 2009.

Montblanc Emerald Fountain Pen

The Emerald has 315 stones lining its barrel, and a single diamond in the cap.

So far, the pen seems to be getting little attention, apart from what looks like a press release posted on a few websites and the profile on linked above.

From Dubai City Guide:

With this outstanding masterpiece of craftsmanship Montblanc shows its unconditional dedication and passion to the handwritten word…

Of course, nothing fountain pen-related escapes the collectors at the Fountain Pen Network. The new Montblanc’s getting little respect from them. One said it looked like a dill pickle and another added this:

Call me a cynic and a party pooper, but if Montblanc truly wanted to show “unconditional dedication and passion to the handwritten word”, they’d also make school pens, and pens that cost less than a mortgage payment.

You might remember a few months ago Montblanc “honoured” Gandhi by releasing a fountain pen that cost £15,ooo, or about 50 times the average annual income in India. The announcement did not go over very well.

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