Montegrappa’s New Line Of DC Comics Pens

Are you a superhero or a supervillian? Either way, you can celebrate your superness with a new pen from Montegrappa’s DC Comics pen range.

The pen models include Superman, Batman, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, the Penguin, the Joker and the Riddler. The pen colors match the character – red and blue for Superman, black for Batman, green with questions marks for the Riddler, etc. – and have the characters engraved on the clips.

Montegrappe DC Comics Pens
From left to right: Batman, Cat Woman, Green Lantern, the Joker, the Penguin, the Riddler, Superman & Wonder Woman.

Each one is available in ballpoint, rollerball or fountain pen.

This new range joins Montegrappa’s previous foray into superherodom, the awesomely elegant Batman pen. You remember that one, with the US$3500 price tag.

Montegrappa Batman Limited Edition Pen


Montegrappa is even holding an art contest to give away sets of their new DC Comics pens. Unfortunately, the date for entries has passed, but penthusiasts and comics fans can still vote on the top eight entries beginning January 7 on the Montegrappa Facebook page.

If you aren’t one of the lucky winners, you can still get your hands on one of the pens, provided you are willing to pay the hefty price. The ballpoints run US$395, the rollerballs are US$435 and the fountain pens go for US$475. ComicVine and IGN both found the pens worth the pennies for fans.

If you want a sweet Batman pen and don’t want to spend big bucks for one, there is always the Parker Vector Batman pen released for the 1989 movie (hat tip to John the Monkey).

Batman Parker Pen

Or, the Batman ballpoint pen/stylus.

Batman stylus Pen


Of course, not everyone is a DC fan. Unfortunately, Marvel doesn’t seem to have licensed a high-end pen set, but you can still get sets of Avengers gel pens from Amazon.

Avengers Pen Set

And naturally, if you are going to write with a superhero pen, you’ll want some superhero notebooks to go with them. Pyramid International makes a series of licensed DC Comics notebooks (but oddly, you can’t seem to order them from their website)

Batman Notebook

And Amazon also carries both DC Comics notebooks and Marvel notebooks.

Now if you want to get you some superhero pens and notebooks, and don your superhero costume while you journal, just remember, we don’t judge.

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