My Pen Wish List

I’m not a pen collector. Not in the way that some of you are collectors. I don’t have dozens and dozens of pens filling drawers and pen cups and plastic bins all around me. Just a few select favorites that get me jazzed when I use them.

Pens come in all the time, but they rarely stay. I try them out and, use them for a few days or weeks, then toss them in a box until I can pass them on to other people. My friends are used to seeing me coming around with fistfuls of pens to hand out, whether they want them or not.


There are those pens I wish to acquire and keep, maybe to use, or maybe just to stare at Gollum-like while I mutter about how beautiful they are to me. These are the pens I wish for, maybe lust after a little, but haven’t yet convinced myself to buy.

These are the pens I would like to own by the end of this year.

Pilot Capless/Vanishing Point

Pilot Capless FP GT Black

I’m not into writing with fountain pens.

But the Vanishing Point, with its retractable tip and simple, easy to use ink cartridges is about as close as a fountain pen can get to a ‘regular’ pen. And, call me shallow, but looks matter, and this pen has lots of looks.

Would I use it to write regularly? No, it would be the go-to pen for special occasions. The rest of the time, I’d just bask in the pleasure of ownership.

Pentel EnerGel Sterling

Energel Sterling Baby Blue

The EnerGel is one of my hands-down favorite pens.

Comfortable to hold and use and a graceful dream when applied to the page. They were terrific as capped pens, awesome as retractables and supreme as sleek, metal-bodied gel RTs.

Not crazy about the only two color choices being red and silver, but I’m willing to overlook that, given the pen’s outstanding performance and overall solid build. Definitely a regular-use pen.

Lamy Pico

Lamy Pico BPBlack

Don’t know about you, but I’m all the time putting pens in my right front pants pocket.

It’s a handy place to keep your pen, right where you can grab it when you need it and safely tucked away so you don’t lose it. But I’ve broken more than a few and jabbed myself in the leg while sitting more times than I can count. Plus, somehow all my pants end up with little ink marks on the leg just below the pocket.

The compact and elegant Pico pocket pen seems like a great solution to that problem. It combines the reliability of the Lamy line with a convenient design that makes it simple to slip in and out of a pocket whenever you need it. I’m betting this one will become a daily carry.

Kaweco Ice Sport Capless

Kaweco Ice Sport RB Yellow

Another one that’s mostly about the looks.

We all know that Kaweco makes great pens, so there’s no doubt this rollerball would write smoothly and consistently and just be an overall pleasure to use. That grip doesn’t seem particularly comfortable, but it’s not a deal-breaker.

The thing that really makes this a wish list pen for me is the combination of translucence and intense color that lends a feeling of adventure to it. This is a pen I would use when feeling especially creative or in need of some inspiration.

Zebra Sharbo X ST3

Zebra Sharbo X ST3

I haven’t used a multi-pen since those old Bic tri-colors back in grade school. The Sharbo X, a whole world more advanced than that, makes me want to use them again.

The absolute best feature of this pen is the degree to which you can customize it. Choose the size of lead and pen tip, ballpoint or gel ink and a range of ink colors. All of them fit snugly into a metal pen body that comes in your choice of color (I want the black).
All it takes is a short twist to select your writing instrument and extend the point.

Expensive, yes, but I can see how this pen would be extremely useful when you are working out and about, away from your desk. Pencil for quick sketches, ballpoint pen in blue ink for signatures, gel ink for taking notes. This one would get a lot of use from me.

Those are my five pens. What about you…what’s on your list of pens to add to your collection this year?

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3 thoughts on “My Pen Wish List”

  1. So far, I’ve been pleased with more ‘advanced ballpoints’–Staples just started selling the Zebra Z Grip Flight, which is actually the same ink system (and fits) the Office Depot Foray Advanced Ink Pen, which was released a few months ago. I like the broad point and the smooth write. AND, hack-wise, their refill appears to fit the Alpha Gel retractable from UniBall, which is a much more comfortable pen. Also, hack #2: the Staples Avant Pro, their hybrid ball point, has a MUCH nicer retractable body and grip (imho) AND, the hack is that the Uni Ball Jetstream retractable refill fits the Avant pro retractable body! My work is done (for awhile).

  2. I acquired a Vanishing Point myself last year (the raden one… that I couldn’t resist) and I really like it. I bought it online but I have a pretty adjustable grip so I’m lucky that way hehe. I wouldn’t mind getting a Sharbo as well. I fear to make a list of the pens I’d like to acquire because I don’t know which I could realistically acquire in 2013… but I’d love a Nakaya Piccolo.. Edison Pearlette.. Platinum of some sort.. Sailor of some sort (with a King Emperor nib).. I should just stop. LOL. Thank for sharing your list with us!

  3. Happy New Year!

    I’d love a Vanishing Point too – although, anecdotally, they’re a pen you should try first, not everyone’s writing grip gets on with the clip placement. Money no object choice would be the Raden vanishing point, it’s beautiful.

    I was given a Faber-Castell “Basic” fountain pen in Broad for Christmas – the nib on it is amazingly smooth, lovely to write with, and so much so that I really fancy looking at their other pens now – possibly an Ondoro, or even another Basic (the Mother of Pearl overlay (mine has the Carbon Fibre finish) is a nice finish).

    I’m holding out hope that this year will be the one where I finally get my hands on a Brown Esterbrook J, but I’ve been saying that for many years…

    Other than that, I fancy trying a dip pen for drawing, and I’ve been considering nibs and holders a little lately.


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