Montblanc Boo-Boos with £15,000 Gandhi Pen

Montblanc Ghandi Pen

What better way to honour a man devoted to a life of peace and poverty than with a pen made only for the very rich? Apparently, that was the thinking at Montblanc, the German maker of high-end writing instruments. The company has released a special limited edition fountain pen bearing the likeness of Mohandas Gandhi, just in time for the 140th anniversary of his birth.

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OfficeSupplyGeek Reviews UGLee Pen

Uglee Pen 1

Check out this review of what might turn out to be my new favourite pen. The UGLee Pen was invented by Dr. James Lee in his own pursuit of a comfortable writing instrument. OfficeSupplyGeek makes the case that he may have come up with a winner.

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9 Unusual Pens

Messograph Multifunction Pen

We love pens, but sometimes, really, they can take themselves far too seriously.

So, once in a while, we have to search out those pens that are just silly or geeky or made for people whose lives apparently are much more adventurous than our own. The only criterion is that they must be pens you can actually use, besides being unusual in some way, of course.

This time around, we found nine such pens, each one ugly, awkward and fun in its own way. Or so we think, anyway.

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