Pen News: Bits and Pieces

•The Independent has published its list of the 50 Best Stationery items. Making the cut: the Waterman Expert, the Uni Kuru Toga and Uni Posca marking pens, Stabilo highlighters, the Yard-o-Led Diplomat, and, inexplicably, Bic Cristals.

Uni Kuru Toga M5 Blue

•Have any old fountain pens that could use a good cleaning? The Guardian ran an informative little piece the other day explaining exactly how to bring a dried-up pen back to life with a little scrubbing and for less than £5. Worth checking out.

Revive Fountain Pen

•Italian pen maker Visconti has announced the new pen it plans to unveil at the Philadelphia Pen Show. The Homo Sapiens (£365) fountain pen is made of volcanic lava and has a 23-k palladium nib. The company claims the pen is shatterproof and can even be boiled. Cool!

Visconti Homo Sapiens Lava Pen

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  1. I like the thought of boiling a pen made of lava, perhaps you produce a mini version of Krakatoa in the pan! I read the press release and it also says that the lava will also absorb sweat from the user. On this basis, after a couple of days use on a hot day, you might need to spray the pen with a deodorant!


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