Pens For Fanboys

Have a horror/scifi/comics fan on your Christmas list this year?

You could go all out and buy him the collectors’ edition Firefly complete series box set, signed and hand-delivered by creative genius Joss Whedon himself.

Or you could just buy him a pen.

Hero Spiderman Metallic Fountain Pen

Hero spiderman Fountain Pen

This one comes from a fellow in Singapore with a small shop selling Chinese fountain pens. We couldn’t find any like it anywhere else. Not even sure if it is an actual Hero, or if the word ‘hero’ just got added to the description because of Spidey. Also, probably not officially licensed. Still, it’s a cool-looking pen, and he also offers it in black with a silver cap. Price: US$60.


ACME Limited Edition Dracula Fountain Pen/Rollerball

Dracula Pen in Coffin

Created by ACME Studio to mark the 100th Anniversary of Bram Stoker’s death. The pen comes nestled inside a coffin inside a book. Open the coffin and Bach’s Fugue in D Minor plays. The pen has a gold-plated steel nib and comes with a rollerball conversion. Also included is a bottle of blood-red ink. Price: US$500.


Star Wars Lightsaber Pen

Starwars Light Saber Pen

Ballpoint pen made to look like a lightsaber from ThinkGeek. Comes in a tin collector’s box, which is kind of cool. The pen itself is not all that impressive, though, since it does not light up and does not come with refills (you have to refill it yourself by trimming a standard ballpoint refill). But did I mention it looks like a lightsaber? Price: US$15.


Montegrappa Black Batman Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Montegrappa Batman Limited Edition Pen

Coolest pen on the list – and, unfortunately, also the most ridiculously overpriced. Black anodized aluminum covered with the iconic bat symbol; 18K gold nib. Comes in fountain pen or rollerball, and available as part of a package that includes a Batman watch and cuff links. Price: US$3350 for the fountain pen, US$2600 for the rollerball, or US$5000 for the pen, watch and cuff links set.


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  1. I guess there’s those promotional Parker Vectors (for the ’89 Batman) that flood eBay too.

    Another interesting wrinkle might be pens that inspire thoughts of a character – I’ve heard the Monteverde Invincia Stealth (with it’s black nib) described variously as the pen that either Batman, or Darth Vader might choose!


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