Pentel Vicuna Ballpoint 0.7 Review

I don’t generally find that ballpoints have many features to write home about, let’s see if the Pentel Vicuna changes my mind.

As part of Pentel’s Recycology range this ballpoint is made from 78% recycled material that apparently excludes ink & refills.

Pentel Vicuna BK157 Pen

Light to hold & with a comfortable indented grip section the writing experience with the Pentel Vicuna Ballpoint was fair. The term lightweight suggests to me that something is of a low standard, or doesn’t cut the mustard, this was not my impression in this case, I’m just a little negative about ballpoint pens. The low viscosity ink, which is more liquid than a traditional ballpoint paste is said to give a smooth writing experience, whilst the pen moved across the page with ease I found it noisy & a bit distracting. I was surprised to see some reports that the ink can smudge as its said to be quick drying, I was half expecting to see some blobbing, but it wasn’t something that I noticed, you can judge for yourself in the writing sample.

In its favour the Vicuna is not a bad looking pen, the barrel is the same colour as the ink, they are available in black blue or red. There is a light grey shaped section surrounding the clip & the 0.7mm tip. The push button mechanism was positive & doesn’t rattle, another bonus, its also refillable.

Although overall I can’t say there was anything wrong with the Vicuna, ballpoints are not likely to be top of my must have list anytime soon.

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