Pilot Begreen Spotliter VW Review

I get to see a variety of different writing instruments.The Pilot Spotliter VW is a highlighter with a difference, I look at it as a two for the price of one option because it contains pink & yellow liquid ink in one pen.

Thinking about highlighters, I came across an amusing article the other day on the onion website, it stated that officers in the CIA have been using black indelible pens to highlight documents since the agency’s inception in 1947.  This left much of the critical intelligence gathered illegible, whether this is true or false is anybody’s guess but I can’t see how it can be called highlighting.

Pilot spotliter VW

The barrel of the Pilot Spotliter VW is split between 70% yellow & 30% pink.  A clip is on the cap at the yellow end & both fit with a tight snap. The colours are bright & luminous & the fact that the pen is made from 77% recycled materials will please those with environmental issues in mind.

I imagine highlighter pens are used for a variety of tasks, at home, in the office or classroom.  I like to use them when studying, by using a colour coding system for my notes I find that they help me to remember sets of information effectively.

This spotliter would also have come in handy in the days when I had to pore over pages of computer printouts analysing job costing information, with two colours in one pen I would have been able to just switch ends, rather than search under pages of printed matter for pens in hiding.

Whenever I have to read anything at length I like to highlight the important points, this always makes it easier to translate later.  My calendar also puts a highlighter to good use, rather than crossing items through when complete I highlight them, that way I can be sure to be able to read the original text (unlike CIA officers).

An old work colleague used highlighter pens to help him with time management.  He had a daily list of tasks & his highlighter pens would mark important assignments in order of priority as the day progressed.

I have written in a previous blog that the first thing that came to mind when the word highlighter was mentioned was Stabilo, that will now have to compete with the Pilot Spotliter for my affections.

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