Pilot BegreeN Super Gel 0.7mm Review

We all know that computers have become a mainstay in many peoples lives, be it for work or entertainment.  There are times however when an old fashioned pen is all that is required.  Today I am pleased to find a Pilot BegreeN Super Gel in my handbag.

Pilot Supergel BG Pen Black

As I sat in the waiting room I knew I had a long wait ahead.  Feeling slightly irritated about wasting time, pen in hand I started to write.  The negative cloud started to lift & I found my thoughts began to flow as well as the ink in my pen.

Whilst the Pilot BegreeN rollerball looks like a standard stick pen, it is set apart from the crowd as ink is injected straight into the barrel.  For a disposable pen I found the black ink to be intense, the 0.7 tip writes a smooth 0.4 line.  Although it doesn’t have much of a grip, there wasn’t any slip when writing, neither did I find it scratchy.  The tight fitting cap has a sturdy clip, there is a warning to always replace the cap suggesting to me that it could be prone to drying out. This was not something I had a problem with, & therefore can’t comment.

It has become fairly common to see recyled content between 70 & 80% in pens, this one is made from 93.3% recyled plastic.  Pilot claim their range of pens are the same price & quality as the non green range.  They are proud of the fact that all of the companies factories in Japan & Europe are ISO 14001 certified.

Given the price, I can’t find anything negative to say about the Pilot BegreeN Super Gel, for that reason it gets my vote.

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