Pilot Feed GP4 – Review

Eco friendly pens are relatively easy to find. It appears that some use this label if a pen can be refilled, this was a surprise to me as I’d have thought there was a little more to it than that!


Pilot are proud to have the BeGreen range in their arsenal & I’ve been looking at the Pilot Feed – GP4. This group is made up of a minimum of 70% recycled material, including packaging & are competitively priced.

Pilot Feed GP4 BG Blue

This handy multi barrel ballpoint is 78.2% recycled & has black, red, green & blue 1.0mm tips in one pen. It’s chunky but not uncomfortable to hold & I like the large soft rubber grip area. This covers a sizeable area on the barrel & has a ridged section that stops my fingers slipping whilst scribbling away. Unfortunately this is something I frequently do as I try to get my hand to catch up with the thoughts going through my head, leaving my text almost illegible all too often.

As I change the colour of the ink with a simple click on the fin of my choice, I’m a little disappointed with the grey selection. Although I know the description states the GP4 has black ink the fin is grey. I like the fact that once the tips are protracted there is a circle around the nib indicating the ink colour, until I get to black, perhaps Pilot don’t want to be too predictable, or keep us guessing, who knows.

The writing experience was favourable, likely to be thanks to Pilot’s low viscosity ink. The flow of ink was consistent, no warming up was necessary. What I mean is there was no time wasted drawing imaginary circles waiting for the ink to get going, as is sometimes the case with ballpoints,

The ink in the GP4 is waterproof & oil based, the barrel is available in clear or translucent red & blue plastic & in keeping with the environmentally friendly theme it’s also refillable.

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