Pilot Fineliner Pen SW-PPF – Review

Fineliners are generally used for drawing & sketching, some people prefer them for writing & they are also ideal when working with rulers & templates.

Pilot Fineliner Black
The Pilot Fineliner Pen SW-PPF is referred to as the original fineliner. It has a relatively slim barrel, the cap has a durable metal pocket clip & white end stopper. The plastic 1.2mm nib writes a 0.4mm line & is reinforced with a metal sleeve. Available in black, blue, red & green with the barrel matching the ink, the only distraction are the words Pilot Fineliner.

When it comes down to looks this water based fineliner is more stylish than say the Berol Fine Line, just my opinion you understand. If I didn’t know better I’d say that was down to having different markets, when I think of Berol its usually for children’s pens & pencils. However Pilot claim they have many students as customers & that they target “through its sponsorship of student events” & Berol produce a wide variety products that they say are “suitable for both children and adults” so that puts paid to my theory. on a side note If you use Copic Markers for drawing with then check out our guide to which fineliners are good to use with Copic markers.

Berol Fineline Pen Black

Moving on to writing, I usually prefer a medium tip but still found this pen to be a smooth writer that was comfortable to hold. Despite not having a specific grip (just a couple of steps between the tip & centre of the pen) my fingers didn’t slip.

I keep coming across the fact that the fine nib of these pens makes them ideal for writing with carbon copies. These words bring back memories of rows of ladies sitting pounding the keys of their typewriters. It’s hard to imagine life in the office now without computers & photo copiers, but recall them I do & carbon paper was widely used, all very well until you made a mistake! I’d have thought the messy black stuff was now obsolete so was surprised to discover there are still a few companies making it.

Anyway, as I don’t have cause for using carbon paper & the only thing I draw are match stick men whilst doodling I can’t see me making a B-line for the Pilot Fineliner, but horses for courses as they say it could be just what you’re looking for.


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