Pilot G-2 XS Pixie Gel Pen – Review

When I reviewed the standard Pilot  G2 gel pen I commented on the pen writing a finer line than expected from the 0.7mm tip. I shouldn’t have been surprised therefore that my first impression of the Pilot G2 XS was similar as it produces the same 0.39mm line.

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If you are looking for a pixie of a pen, something that will fit into the smallest pocket or purse then at 11.3cm short the Pilot G-2 XS Pixie gel ink rollerball could well fit the bill. I’m reviewing a little dark red pixie.

Whilst writing I’m liking the same comfortable cushioned grip as its regular cousin & the fact that the XS has the same diameter makes the compact version easy to hold. I started thinking of some of the other pocket-sized pens I’ve used, the Zebra Expandz springs to mind, maybe not a fair comparison as its metal as opposed to plastic, but it was much more cumbersome to grip than the pixie.

This little Pilot is retractable, it doesn’t offer the huge range of 15 colors as the standard G2, nevertheless, it’s available in 8 different colors. As well as the usual black & blue there is bright turquoise, purple & lively shade of pink to choose from, I for one don’t think that’s bad for a nifty pocket pen. By the way, if you are a fan of green ink you may be interested to see that its big brother the Pilot G2 07 is one of our top 5 recommended green ink pens.

You may also be interested in how this guy makes money with a Pilot G2 gel pen and a potato sounds a little crazy but it’s true.  there is also another Pixie review here

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