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The Pilot V Sign pen is often marketed as being ideal for writing faxes & labels.  Do people still use faxes? Was a question that came to mind.

The fax became popular around the world in the 1980’s.  I remember working in some large organisations that even used to employ staff that spent the whole day sending & receiving them.

Pilot V Sign Pen Purple

Today, with the availability of cheap scanners along with advances in fax services being conducted over the internet, you could be forgiven for assuming they are as dead as a dodo, the fax that is not the staff!  This is not the case, it seems some Solicitors, Insurance companies & others that regularly work with signed documents, are still nervous of the authenticity of digital signatures & SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates.  It appears there are fax machines around the globe still waiting to retire.

The Pilot V Sign pen has a medium tip that writes a 0.6 line, personally I don’t find it suits me for ordinary writing, even practicing on a fax template, left me thinking the purple liquid ink would be much more appealing for labeling & marking.

I have had to do quite a lot of archiving in my time, this pen would have been an asset to have around, I would have colour coded endless boxes in black, red, violet, green & 2 shades of blue that would have been visible for all to see the instant they entered the store room.

I like the fact that the safety cap snaps on tightly & the see through window in the barrel makes it easy to keep tabs on the ink level.

My conclusion is that the V Sign pen writes a smooth, thick bold line, doesn’t smudge & will definitely be joining my growing pen collection.

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2 thoughts on “Pilot V Sign Pen Review”

  1. Penenuel, Interesting to note your office hasn’t retired the Fax yet! Regarding the V sign’s use I guess it’s bolder than a biro or rollerball, however, as I mentioned in the review I still think it makes for a good marker pen.

  2. I’m laughing here, because our office uses faxes every single day. It would be great if we actually had enough scanners for everyone to use, but considering half of the ones we have are dying a slow death and we can’t get authorization to buy more, I’m very glad we have the alternative of faxing!

    That being said, I’m not really sure why that pen would be ‘ideal for writing faxes.’ It’s a nice purple, though!


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