Play Hide and Seek with the Turtle Pen

We’ve been seeing reports of a new pen design from a UK company, and it looks brilliant to us.

The Turtle Pen is a retractable pen, of sorts. But, instead of depressing a plunger to advance the writing point, the user pulls the bottom of the pen and lets it recoil. That’s what makes the “turtle head” tip on the other end pop out for use.

Then, just a slight twist of the barrel locks the pen into the open position.

Turtle retractable Pen

Cool, right?

Check out this video for an excellent detailed review of the pen by

Company founder Richard Allan said in a written statement:

“It all began with a random idea – how can I make a pen more interesting? In answering that question I believe we have created an innovative product which is both interesting and simply fun to use. Going forward we will continue to create quality writing instruments that surprise or go against the grain.”

The pen is refillable, using either Turtle Pen ballpoint or EasyFlow refills in either fine, medium or broad points.

We have no idea how well the Turtle Pen writes, but at better than £30, it needs to write very well to be worth the cost.

If anyone has tried one of these, we’d love to hear what you thought of it.

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  1. Hey, thanks for adding your review. Sounds like this is a pen worth watching. And, if the writing quality evolves a little, maybe even worth buying.


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