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Let me just start by saying I love Artline Multipens. Since I got a set of these a few weeks ago, no surface in my apartment has been safe. Messages on the refrigerator, labels on all the storage boxes, reminder notes for my desk – they get used everywhere for everything.

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What’s great about them, besides the fact they can write on just about anything, is the vibrant colours that really seem to gleam both on paper and on other items – such as furniture (where they probably don’t belong).

My only complaint is that the water-based ink is a little too thin to sustain that brilliance on less-porous surfaces like metal. And, apparently, it doesn’t always wash off, as you would expect it would. My refrigerator now bears what appears to be a permanent green smudge, despite my best efforts with cleaning spray.

Artline MultiPens come in 12 colours – six primary and six pastel – and two sizes, 1.0 mm and 3.0 mm. The samples in the photos are pastels in 3.0. While some of the colours, such as the pastel pink, yellow-green and brown, aren’t all that hot, there are several, like the red and the pastel blue, that make great impressions, particularly on dark surfaces.

The felt tips are smooth enough for comfort, but the design is the same old Artline no-frills plain round barrel with no grip. But, that doesn’t really matter since these aren’t pens you’d write with for long periods.

They come in sets of six, with their colours and tip size plainly visible on the cap so you don’t have to fumble for the one you want.

According to Artline, the ink is acid-free and recommended for archival use.

Or, you could just play with them, like I do.

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