Review: Pentel Superb RT

Ballpoint pens usually have little to recommend them over a liquid ink or gel pen – and, unfortunately, that’s the verdict on the Pentel Superb RT.

It’s your basic ballpoint pen, with all that entails. In other words, the pen is inexpensive and lasts longer than the standard gel, which are pluses, but is nowhere near as comfortable to write with as a gel and the look of the lines has none of the luster of liquid or gel ink, which are not.

Pentel Superb RT

The Pentel Superb RT, at least the one I tested, also had a few other flaws.

One, the refill fit so tightly into the barrel that it was a pain to remove, suggesting that quick and easy fills aren’t to be expected. Also, the colour quality of the red ink in the pen reviewed had a washed-out look, even for a ballpoint.

But that’s not to say the pen doesn’t have its good points.

The rubber grip on the pen is pretty comfortable and the barrel settles nicely between the thumb and finger. And it’s a nice-looking pen, as well, with grip and cap coloured to match the pen’s ink. Also, it’s made of more than 80 percent recycled material, always a plus.

So, would I recommend this pen? Probably not, especially given all the other great choices from Pentel.

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