Rocketbook – Notebook – Just Heat And Reuse

As far as I’m concerned, Rocketbook just won notebooks.


Because this is a notebook that you stick in the microwave in order to reuse.

Yep, a single notebook that writes to the cloud, can be used over and over, and RESETS WHEN YOU NUKE IT!

That may be why Rocketbook’s Indiegogo campaign had raised more than 10x its funding goal within two weeks of launching.

The way the 100-page notebook works is this:

You write on dot-grid paper with a Pilot FriXion (or other pen that uses heat-sensitive ink) and mark one of seven icons at the bottom of each page.

You can assign each of those icons to various storage services such as Dropbox or Evernote, as well as to email or other destinations. Then, you take a photo of the page with the Rocketbook app and the page is automatically sent to the file that corresponds to the icon you marked.

Files are sent as jpegs.

When you fill up the notebook, just pop it in the microwave, cook for 30 seconds, and it comes out blank again. Keep in mind, though, that it won’t last indefinitely.

Rocketbook 2

From Rocketbook:

Though the book will “work” indefinitely, but the the typical user should expect to see signs of wear and tear after 25 reuses of a Rocketbook page. Therefore, we recommend reusing a full Rocketbook 25 times before replacing it.

The Rocketbooks are going on Indiegogo for US$25 each and includes one black Pilot FriXion erasable pen and lifetime access to the Rocketbook app. International shipping is an extra US$15.

(Early-bird deals that offered the notebook for US$20 sold out before the campaign was even half over.)

Estimated delivery for the notebooks is July. The Rocketbook app will be released on iOS first, then on Android by August, according to the Daily Mail.

Rocketbook 4

OK, now that I have calmed down a little, a couple of negatives worth noting.

One, if you use these notebooks in cold weather, there’s a good chance some of what you have written previously will reappear. That’s how thermosensitive ink works.

Two, there are other apps that perform similar tasks , free and without the use of special notebooks. So, you could save yourself some money and accomplish basically the same thing.

But then you couldn’t impress people at parties by throwing your notebook in the microwave.

Editors Update 2019 Rocketbooks are now on sale at the Rocketbook Website



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