Sakura Sumo Grip Mechanical Pencil Review

For me, the word Sumo conjures up a vision of large men in loincloths. Now without wishing to insult these wrestlers (who apparently go through a grueling daily training routine as they practice their art) attractive, they are not. Likewise, as I check out the Sakura Sumo Grip Mechanical Pencil first impressions are that it’s not particularly appealing to the eye.

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I know the adage “looks aren’t everything” is contentious but when I’m choosing an item, pens included, appearance is a factor. That said it’s not the only consideration & the Sumo Grip does measure up in other ways. For instance, it has a lightweight ergonomically designed pencil with a triangular barrel that is comfortable to hold. The soft chunky rubberized grip means there’s no chance of this Sumo slipping through your fingers.

The Sumo Grip has a clear barrel with a pearly grip section & a jumbo eraser at the end which Sakura claim will last six times longer than a standard one. This is easy to replace with a simple twist & pull action at the top of the pencil. These mechanical pencils hold a 0.5mm lead & have a sturdy anti-roll pocket clip.

When the idea of a mechanical pencil was dreamed up at Sakura I wonder what came first in the blueprint, was it the name or the design? Whichever it was they are certainly well suited, they have that big strong look about them.

Sakura is well known as makers of the first gel pen & it has to be said they have a wide selection but the same can’t be said for mechanical pencils. That aside if the Sumo Grip continues to appeal to an audience including the young, artists & folk with writing difficulties who knows they may decide to make a few more!

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