Sharpie Fine Point Marker Pens Review

As I sat reminiscing with friends we got chatting about how our mums always used to place name tags in our clothes that were marked with indelible ink. This made me wonder what I would use should I need to undertake a similar exercise.Sharpie Fine Point Black Marker

The Sharpie Fine Point Marker Pens are a pen-style permanent marker & have a 1.0mm tip that are apparently resilient to abrasions.  I take this to mean they have a strong hard wearing tips. These markers contain quick drying waterproof ink that will make an impression on a range of surfaces including glass, metal, plastic & foil.

As I removed the cap to examine one, powerful strong smelling fumes hit my nostrils, this didn’t concern me too much as I had read that the ink is AP certified & has a non toxic formula.  That’s not to say I believe everything I read, & in a strange kind of way I quite liked the whiff, but soon reminded myself of the dangers of solvent abuse.

These markers are available in a variety of shades, 12 to be exact & that pretty much covers any colour wheel I have seen. The caps on the Sharpie Fine Point Pens identify the ink colour inside the barrel which is made from tough polypropylene, a plastic with a smooth, dense & durable glossy grey finish.

Sharpie fine Point colour wheel

Talking of plastic, I’m pleased to note that the partnership between Sharpie & Terracycle means that all old Sharpies can be recycled. Terracycle began life in 2001, the brainchild of Tom Szaky, initially producing organic fertiliser. As one of the fastest growing green Companies in the world they aim to eliminate the idea of waste. before throwing them in the bin did you know that you can fix a dried up Sharpie?

I tried writing with the markers, although they are labelled as fine point, I don’t think it would be the best pen for marking small areas as they write approximately a 1mm line. So, going back to the reason I started this review, this probably won’t be suitable for writing name tags. My preference would be to make use of some of the bright vivid colours for shading or colouring, maybe making use of the darker shades for outlines.

It seems that David Beckham has been known to use Sharpie markers to sign autographs. although this may not be the best idea as Sharpies fade over time.

The fact that these pens are so versatile & have the ability to write on most surfaces suis why I like the Sharpie Fine Point marker.

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  1. Hello!
    I am looking for medium sized point waterproof markers to be used on white canvas shoes.

    The markers you have shown here. Are they any good to use on canvas shoes?

    I am an spaceship artist. Who normally use black ball pen to draw space ships.

    I just need your advise on where to buy medium tip and fine tip waterproof markers at cheap price.


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