Sharpie Pen Grip Review

When it comes to writing I am somewhat of a traditionalist.  There are a few people I know who like to experiment with different colours.  So for fear of being called a creature of habit I’ve decided to put the red Sharpie Pen Grip through its paces.


Sharpie Pen Grip Red

All of you pen enthusiasts out there probably already know that Sharpie make a variety of pens & were the first to make pen style permanent markers. This grip fine point is a pen in the true sense of the word, suitable for everyday writing & a cross between the original & retractable versions.

Here are my comments on some of the features & benefits

Won’t bleed through paper – this was tested on a very fine notepad with paper that was almost see through, it performed well.

Doesn’t smear – This is always something that interests left handed writers, who often find a trail left by the palm dragging across the page.  In most cases it seems to be the number one reason to buy or not to buy a particular pen.

Soft grip barrel – I am getting used to the comfort of writing with the soft grip barrels that many pens have & this Sharpie is no exception.

Fine point tip – helps you to produce consistently accurate writing.  This pen would be useful for taking notes, writing in diaries etc. taking up less space than one of the thicker tips.

Water resistant – a plus for this pen is the fact that it is water resistant.  Having tested the claims by splashing the page with water, it did remain legible, so I can vouch for that point.  However, rubbing a damp finger over the page resulted in some staining.  Maybe this has something to do with the fact that Sharpie state “ink will become permanent after setting, it can be easily erased for several hours after writing on many glossy (non-porous) surfaces”

The Sharpie Pen Grip is stylish, it has a silver cap which has colour coding at both ends & a ring around the barrel to identify the ink colour.  The cap fits tightly on the barrel & closes with a snap, this gives the impression that it shouldn’t dry out too soon.  Having said that, some students are reported to have been disappointed that it didn’t stand the test of time when taking copious notes.

One thing that did take some getting used to was the fact that it is very light to hold.  I can only liken it to holding one of those balsa wood model planes.

Completing this review in red was novel, it is something I had always been taught to be rude.  Maybe I am showing my age & this is just an old wives tale that has been passed down, because it no longer seems to be the case.

So what is the verdict? I may just start using coloured pens when writing my diary.

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