Sharpie W10 Permanent Marker – Review

Sharpie markers have come a long way since they were introduced back in 1964. American manufacturer Sanford shined the spotlight on an emerging market & the first pen style marker in the form of a Sharpie Fine Point was born.

Sharpie W10 Marker

Markers can be used for a number of different tasks & projects, they can be found in a variety of styles, sizes & colours. It wasn’t until 2002 that the Chisel tip made an appearance, the wedge shaped point can produce both fine & broad lines depending on how it is held.

The Sharpie W10 Permanent Marker has

  • A hard wearing bonded chisel tip that lays down a 1.2 – 5mm line
  • Fade & water resistant ink
  • A reflow ink system & can still be used for up to 21 days if left uncapped

This marker is available in black, red, blue & green, the chunky barrel’s have colour coded grips & caps with a good ink capacity.

I like to use chisel markers for labels, storage boxes & the like, they also come in handy if I want to cover personal info before recycling etc. I found the W10 to be a smooth writer that also stood up to a water test following an unintentional spillage on the table.

If you have used a sharpie to write on something like a plastic box and want to remove it, this can be done quite easily with our guide on how to remove Sharpie from plastics.

You may be also interested to learn that when a Sharpie runs out a quick top up with rubbing alcohol will bring it back to life again.

Markers can be used on mirrors, glass, plastic, metal & fabric, they are also ideal for making the odd poster. Personally I’m not a fan of the art work that you see daubed on buildings but I’m sure the odd marker or two often finds it way into the pockets of the odd budding graffiti artist judging by the tag lines I see on my travels.

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2 thoughts on “Sharpie W10 Permanent Marker – Review”

  1. Sharpie is a reliable brand, and the pens perform as anticipated. The three colors come in handy when I’m labeling my workshop’s various boxes and tins. The pens should ensure that I don’t spend any more time than necessary looking for the right tin/box!

    • Most plastic objects, such as water bottles, sports equipment, playground toys, and camping gear, perform admirably with the marker. Furthermore, if you often use this pen on other surfaces such as wood, paper, canvas, or glass, the nib has been updated to provide more ink that is fade-resistant over time.


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