Stabilo EASYoriginal Pen Review

Whilst I am far removed from the target group of the Stabilo EASYoriginal pen, as it’s some time since I reviewed an ergonomically designed pen I decided to see how it fared.

As part of the STABILO EASYergonomics range this pen is designed for children aged 6 and over who are setting out on the writing ladder. The lightweight feel along with the shape should ensure little muscles don’t tire easily, lending itself to the theory that the user can concentrate for longer & make writing more fun.

Stabilo Easy OR LH RH Pink

The Stabilo EASYoriginal is said to be popular in equal measure with parents, teachers & children it is also recommended by Ruth Stephens a child occupational therapist whose area of expertise is working with children who have handwriting difficulties.

a rollerball with a cartridge system, this pen is marketed as giving a new slant to the fountain pen. I really like the look of this pen, available in 5 different cheerful coloured barrels to choose from including a bright pink just like the one on my desk. This is two tone, the centre section & tip of the cap is bubblegum pink with the remainder being fuchsia. The centre of the EASY houses the grip section, it is made from a non slip rubberised material and has two cut out sections intended for little fingers to rest in. With this in mind it’s no surprise to me to find the grip a little alien as well as feeling a bit too far up the barrel for my comfort.

These pens are apparently the first ergonomically designed pens produced for both right & left-handed users. Whatever camp the user falls into, should they need reminding which pen they have a small stamp can be found on the grip to identify L or R. Alternatively, if they are in the small minority that happen to be ambidextrous or choose to place a name tag (in the space provided at the end of barrel) this won’t be an issue at all.

I like to post the cap of my pens, I was able to do this by using a little pressure, although can’t imagine little hands finding it child’s play (if you’ll excuse the pun) to do the same. On the other hand the ink cartridge is easy to remove by simply unscrewing at the centre.

On the writing front the Stabilo EASY proved to be smooth & smudge proof, the ink is a bright royal blue & is conveniently erasable. The pen is supplied with 3 blue refills. When they are all used up they can be replaced with red or black refills containing document proof ink.


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