Stabilo Exam Grade Review

I admit it has been a while since I’ve had to sit an exam. When given an Exam Grade ballpoint to review I was intrigued to know exactly what it was. As Stabilo don’t get full marks for giving an explanation all that’s left to do is take it through a test of its very own.

Stabilo Exam Grade BP Black
Stabilo Exam Grade Ballpoint Pen

Starting with the appearance of this Stabilo Exam Grade pen, the barrel is black with a series of different sized dots, this is separated by an ink viewing window split into five coloured sections that identify the number of pages left. I was amused to see the hazard warning sign when there are less than 35 pages. Another oddity is the little raised section on the grip, something else that is unexplained, all I can come up with is maybe its a place to rest your index finger when pausing for thought.

The nose of this Stabilo Exam Grade is a sturdy metal & the nib gives the impression it could withstand some harsh treatment. In fact the pen itself is very durable, the cap fits snugly with no chance of it falling off at will. They are available with either black or blue ink & these ballpoints write a 0.4mm wide line.

To conclude, not having an exam to complete I’m not able to test the claim that each pen has 80 pages of ink but if this is something that is particularly important to you then the guide on the ink viewing window is sure to be a bonus.

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