Stabilo “S move” Be Wild Rollerball Pen Review

Stabilo are a leading manufacturer of writing instruments, working with agency partners around the world. They started to focus on making themselves the brand of choice for the young in 2004 & the “S move” Be Wild is part of a collection of limited edition rollerballs, ballpoints, pencils & highlighters with bright animal print designs aimed at “trend & fashion conscious girls”.

Stabilo Bionic Be Wild Rollerball Pen Yellow Olive

The Stabilo “S move” Be Wild Rollerball has a chunky barrel that tapers towards the tip providing a resting place for the fingers. These pens are available in 3 different patterns. The yellow & olive print has a removable yellow cap & tassel, the barrel is a mix of plain olive & animal print in both colours. Maybe I’ve been reading too many good old elf & safety rules but whilst the cap may not be a problem for 8 or 9 year olds that might not follow for younger siblings wanting to get in on the act & join in the fun of writing. (Take a look at the 10 best pens for children to see what we recommend.)

If the reviews are anything to go by children seem to like these ergonomically shaped rollerballs, they generally give the thumbs up to the removable accessories, although one youngster found the tassel annoying as it touches your hand when writing.

I didn’t find the S move particularly comfortable to write with, I agree with one reviewer that the tassel was a bit annoying & also missed a defined grip section, having said that my fingers didn’t slip, the tapered section saw to that. The performance was fine, the 0.5mm tip produced a smooth line of text & the blue ink, which is non erasable by the way, was a nice sharp colour.

The Stabilo Be Wild range is available until the end of the year, my only thought is that the ”S move” may have been more practical with a retractable tip.

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  1. I’m all grown up but I really want to give this pen a go. Do you think anyone would notice? I know grown men who still play with Lego so I’ll bear that in mind when I sneak this into my collection!


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