A Review of the Stabilo Sensor Fineliner Pen

When I set out to review the Stabilo Sensor I wondered what to expect from this offering from one of Europe’s market leaders. Would it stand out from the crowd?

Stabilo Sensor Black

The Stabilo Sensor Fineliner has a fine 0.3mm tip which makes using a ruler with this pen simple, ideal if you want to ensure a straight line is achieved even on plain paper or need to use stencils. My writing certainly stayed on track this way.

I found the writing experience a little springy, but guess that is to be expected as the cushioned (sensor) tip adjusts to individual writing pressures & is said to be able to withstand more pressure than other pens without the risk of bending or worse still breaking. The patented micro cushioned tip is encased in metal & also alleged to give a more relaxed feel when writing, something I can’t say was particularly noticeable, but that could be because my thoughts were with the “spring factor” The indented grip section was surprisingly comfortable, as my preference usually lies with a more cushioned feel.

I’d say the appearance of this Stabilo is quite contemporary. The barrel is a 3 tone mix of matt aluminium, black & silver coloured plastic whilst the cap is black & houses a sturdy clip. Available in Blue, Black, Red & Green the colours won’t necessarily stand out in a crowd but the Sensor is reasonably priced & should I decide to take up stencilling this particular fineliner would get a look in.

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